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School Logo

Blackfordby St Margaret's

C of E Primary School

“By their fruits shall you know them”


Message from the Headteacher


Welcome to Blackfordby St Margaret's Church of England Primary School Website. We are set in the beautiful village of Blackfordby in North West Leicestershire. Our children are aged between 4 and 11 and we are a proud member of the Oval Learning Trust. We offer a warm welcome, in a distinctively Christian environment.


As part of the Oval Learning Trust our school has a great opportunity for collaboration with our other partners. To see more about Oval please visit


Mrs S Savage



Message from the Chair

​Welcome from all the Governors at Blackfordby St Margaret's to current, past and future parents of the School.

As a parent of a Blackfordby School child myself, I was elected as a Parent Governor and have since been made the Chair of Governors.  I am very proud to work with the Blackfordby School team, in all it's guises - whether that be school staff, Governors or parents.  It is the combination of all these teams around the children at the school that makes things work well.

It is the ethos of the school that attracted me to it as a parent, as well as it's small size and Christian nature.  

Mrs Savage and I are very keen to ensure that the Parent Voice is heard and as such have created a brand new part of the website dedicated purely to this purpose. Open communication between home and school is essential and is something I actively promote.  I am to be found in the playground every day but I can also be contacted via email using

Thank you to parents and carers for your continued support, Nikki Scully-Crane, Chair of Governors.